por pia tod (spring rolls) 3.50 (vegan)
crispy vegetable spring rolls with sweet & sour sauce.

toong dhong (lady’s purse) 5.50
crispy pork dumplings with sweet & sour plum sauce.

tua tom (edamame) 4.50
steamed soy bean with sea salt.

gyo pak (vegetable dumplings) 5.50 (vegan)
pan-seared vegetable dumplings with ponzu sauce.

tao hoo tod (fried tofu) 6.00 (vegan)
crispy tofu with sweet & sour peanut sauce.

tod man goong (shrimp cakes) 6.00
crispy shrimp cakes with cucumber sweet & sour sauce.

kai tod (Thai chicken wings) 6.50
fried chicken wings with sweet chili tamarind sauce.

kai satay (chicken satay) 6.50
grilled marinated chicken skewers,
peanut sauce, assorted vegetable pickles.

kanom jeeb kai (chicken dumplings) 5.50
steamed chicken dumpling with ponzu sauce.

kra dook moo (bbq ribs) 7.00
braised pork ribs with hoisin-plum sauce.

gyo tod (fried wonton) 5.00
fried pork wonton with sweet & sour sauce.

goong tod (shrimp pancake) 8.00
crispy shrimp scallions pancake with sweet chili tamarind sauce.


goma wagame (sesame seaweed salad) 5.00
sesame seeds, seaweed, cucumber in ponzu dressing.

som tum (green papaya salad) 7.00
green papaya, carrot, green bean, tomato,
toasted peanuts in chili-garlic-lime dressing.

bangkok st salad (house salad) 6.00
lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato, fried tofu
with house made peanut dressing.


tom yum (Thai hot & sour soup
choice of: chicken 5.00 or shrimp 6.00
mushroom in lemongrass chicken broth.

tom kha kai (blue ginger soup) 6.00
mushroom, chicken in galangal (blue ginger) coconut cream broth.

gyo moo (pork wonton) 5.00
pork wontons, steamed bok choy in chicken broth.

pak soup (vegetable soup) 5.00 (vegan)
mixed vegetables in miso broth.


choice of: tofu, chicken or pork: lunch 9.50 / dinner 14.50  |  beef or shrimp: lunch 10.50 / dinner 16.50

pad thai (Thai noodles)
rice noodles, onion, egg, bean sprout,
scallion, peanuts and turnip.

kee mao (basil noodles
wide noodles, mixed vegetables in basil chili sauce.

pad see u (dark soy sauce noodles)
wide noodles, egg, carrot, broccoli, onion, dark soy sauce.

woonsen (bean thread noodles)
bean thread noodles, egg, carrot , celery, scallion,
onion, cabbage and wood ear mushroom.

kao pad (fried rice)
stir-fried rice, egg, broccoli, carrot, onion and scallion.

kao pad karee (curry fried rice)
curry spices, egg, carrot, onion, pineapple, cashew nuts and scallion.

kao pad kra prao (basil fried rice)
broccoli, green bean, onion, bell pepper and Thai basil.


choice of: tofu, chicken or pork: lunch 9.50 / dinner 14.95  |  beef or shrimp: lunch 10.50 / dinner 16.95

kra prao (holy basil
bell pepper, onion, jalapeno, carrot, Thai basil.

prig khing (spicy green bean
green bean, onion, bell pepper in red curry sauce.

prig pao (cashew chili
cashew, bell pepper, onion, jalapeno, carrot in chili paste.

pad khing (ginger)
ginger, onion, scallion, celery,
wood ear mushroom and bell pepper.

pad pak (mixed vegetables)
mixed seasonal vegetables in brown sauce.

keaw waan (green curry
bamboo shoot, green bean,
Thai basil in green coconut curry sauce.

kaeng karee (yellow curry)
potato, onion, green onion in yellow coconut curry sauce.

kaeng daeng (red curry
bamboo shoot, bell pepper, green bean,
Thai basil in red coconut curry sauce.

panang (panang curry
onion, bell pepper in panang coconut curry sauce.


massaman (massaman curry) 17.00
braised beef, potato, carrot and onion in massaman coconut curry sauce.

pla saam rod (sweet & sour fish) 17.00
crispy fried fish, sweet & sour chili sauce.

kao kai krob (crispy chicken) 15.00
crispy fried breaded chicken over jasmine rice drizzled with teriyaki and spicy mayonnaise on the side.

pho ga (chicken noodles soup) 14.00
chicken, rice noodles in a chicken broth served along side with a fresh vegetables plate.

pho bo (beef noodles soup) 15.00
rice noodles, thinly sliced braised beef in a beef broth served along side with a fresh vegetable plate.

kao soi kai (egg noodles chicken curry) 15.00
egg noodles with chicken curry
topped with crispy noodles and pickle kimchi on the side.

woonsen tom yum moo 14.00 
(bean thread noodles spicy-sour pork soup)
bean thread noodles, sliced roasted pork, leaf lettuce, in spicy-sour tom yum soup and roasted peanut.

ramen (braised pork noodles soup) 15.00
fresh ramen noodles, bok choy, hard boiled egg and braised pork in a kombu bonito pork broth.

mor din (rice clay pot) 15.00 (vegan)
bamboo shoot, shitake mushroom, bok choy, onion, cashew, served in a hot clay pot and cilantro-jalapeno sauce.

kanom jeen num prig (peanut curry noodles) 14.00 (vegan
wheat noodles, lettuce, green bean and topped with toasted peanut curry sauce.

mee heang (egg noodles roasted pork) 15.00
steamed egg noodles, sliced roasted pork, crispy pork dumpling, bok choy topped with roasted peanut.

crispy pad thai (crispy egg noodles) 16.00
stir-fried crispy egg noodles, chicken, and shrimp in pad Thai style.

kaeng ped (roasted duck curry) 17.00
roasted duck , bell pepper, yellow onion, Thai basil,
pineapple, grape tomato in coconut red curry sauce.

miso udon (thick wheat noodle soup) 14.00 (vegan)
bok choy, tofu, seaweed in a vegan miso broth.

s & s chicken (sweet and sour crispy chicken)
lunch 9.50 / dinner 14.50
stir-fried crispy chicken, bell pepper, onion and carrot in a house made sweet and sour sauce.



jasmine white rice 2.00
jasmine red rice 3.00
steamed noodles 3.00
steamed mixed vegetable 3.00


We welcome guests with special dietary needs. Please alert us if you have food allergies or intolerances and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Preparing your meal may take a little longer, but we’re happy to take the extra time.

** Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs, may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

forbidden rice coconut pudding 5.00 (vegan & gluten free) – glutinous black sticky rice cooked in coconut milk.

sweet sticky rice & jackfruit 5.00 (vegan & gluten free) – white sweet sticky rice drizzled with coconut milk over sweet jackfruits.

coconut ice cream with jackfruit 3.00 (vegan & gluten free)

mango ice cream 3.00

cheesecake 6.00 – house made chef’s creation cheesecakes. With the choice of :
vanilla (with strawberry-raspberry sauce)
coffee brûlée (caramelized sugar on top)